About Sociability

So, you’re building your online presence…


It’s a magical feeling to wake up with inquiries from new prospective customers in your inbox. But getting business from the internet isn’t magic.

You see, it used to be that simply having an online presence was a remarkable thing because there were so few businesses with websites. But today, standing out online (enough to attract business) takes a certain something. At Sociability, we’ve identified that ‘certain something’ and we teach it to our clients and build it into into dynamic websites, blogs, and social media profiles. It all comes down to being authentic and making a difference for those who fit your ‘ideal customer profile’.

The fact is, your customers are currently surfing the internet (just like you did to find us) looking to make connections and find information that will improve their lives. To get on their radar, you need to position yourself as a likeable, trustworthy solution to their problems (or an answer to their prayers – to put a more positive spin on it!). Then, once you’re on their radar, you need to get permission to stay in touch with them because people don’t usually buy anything on their first encounter with your brand.

And this is where the modern marketing sales funnel comes in. Through web design and coaching we’ll help you to create one for your business.

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Sociability started out as a one-woman team with Terri Davies running social media seminars and consulting small businesses across British Columbia. As her vision and experience grew, she saw an opportunity to offer integrated modern marketing platforms that brought together websites, blogs, email marketing, video and social media. At that point she started gathering a small and talented team that now forms the foundation of Sociability. Below you’ll see a list of our primary team members (we work with a number of specialized contractors as well on certain projects).




I’m a down-to-earth, technically savvy, modern marketing inspired web designer, educator, and coach. I’ve been working online for nearly 10 years now, and early on realized I had a knack for spotting the remarkable aspects of a person or business, and translating that into websites, blogs, and social media profiles that delight and attract ideal customers.

I truly love what I do, and I’m happiest when I’m working with my team, making beautiful things for heart-centred entrepreneurs.

Oh! And also when I am diving with turtles and cuttlefish (yep, that’s a real creature – look it up).


Technical Lead


I’ve been working with computers for 25 years+, and while I consider myself a computer geek, I relate strongly to the needs of business owners. I graduated from the University of Western Ontario with an Honors Business Administration degree, and have worked as a project manager, systems administrator and front-end web developer in a 60+ person software development firm.

I have also navigated the tricky waters of owning several start-up companies, each of which has given me great insight into what small businesses need to remain lean and productive 24×7.

I look forward to helping your business become more productive and most importantly taking the stress off your shoulders in dealing with complex technical requirements.

Sociability is a small business marketing, social media company with a focus on mobile web design and WordPress website design in Victoria, BC. We are also a social media consultancy with social media experts that are knowledgeable in Facebook for business marketing, Twitter for small business, and Linkedin for business. We have a team of website developers specializing in WordPress website design and responsive website design. If you’re looking to use WordPress as a website in your business, or integrate social media and modern marketing into your online presence, Terri Davies and her team at Sociability will take excellent care of you. We also provide social media courses for small business and non profits.