3 Social Media Time Management Tips

One of the main questions I’ve been asked in my seminars is “How can I manage social media on top of everything else I do?”. There are many responses that come to mind to that question, here are the top three:

1 . Use Hootsuite for Time Management

Social Media Time ManagementI’ve been using Hootsuite for a couple of years now and I still absolutely love it. There are all kinds of benefits to using the platform (such as Twitter follower growth reports and click-through analytics) but the one I want to mention now is how to use Hootsuite to save time on your social media.

Post to multiple social media accounts

I’ve connected my Twitter, Facebook Page, Facebook Profile, and Linkedin to my Hootsuite account so that I can write one status update and post to multiple accounts. Of course, for Twitter I would add some extra info such as hashtags and mentions, and I post more frequently to Twitter than the other platforms. The other awesome thing is that I can shorten links within the hootsuite platform, and those links are then trackable so I can see which tweets were most popular etc.

Schedule Your Tweets

So it’s Monday morning and you’ve just sat down at your desk. You’re looking at the week ahead and all the great things you’ve got happening in your business or organization. Wouldn’t it be great to schedule your tweets to go out every day while you’re busy working? You can send out some interesting articles, helpful tips, notifications about events that are coming up…. ? Hootsuite allows you to do this.

Even better – schedule your tweets based on when your followers are most likely to see them! Find out when is the best time for you to tweet.

Caveat: Don’t leave your account unmanaged for the week thinking that you’re off-the-hook. You’ll still need to login to re-tweet, follow people, thank those who re-tweeted you, and build relationships.

View multiple social media accounts

It is time consuming to login to various social media accounts in order to post, but it’s also a pain for checking to see other peoples updates, mentions, comments, likes etc. That’s another great use for Hootsuite. You can easily view all the activity in each of your accounts by clicking from one tab to the next. Want to respond to a wall post on your Facebook page? You can do that right from Hootsuite!

For Twitter I especially love the layout on Hootsuite because I can see my timeline, mentions, direct messages, sent tweets, scheduled (pending) tweets, saved searches and more all from one “tab”. Twitter.com has come along way in the past couple years, but it still can’t compete with Hootsuite in my opinion.

2. Get a Smartphone

One of the best pieces of advice that I can give you is to invest in a smartphone. I know that it is pricey for a dataplan and may seem like yet another thing to learn how to use. Those are valid points, but I can assure you that the benefits outweigh the costs in time and money. Imagine having an online presence that is completely current with your real world presence. This means that people who’ve never met you in person or experienced your organization “in the real world” will get an accurate first impression when they browse your website, blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account, or connect with you online. In the spare moments you have between meetings you can send out a tweet or post a photo to give your online community an “insider” view on your organization.

3.  Learn to Share

I’m starting to integrate social media into my way of thinking so that I instantly see opportunities to share in my daily life. For example, when I teach a seminar, I use the questions from the Q&A period as subjects for my next blog posts. Or, when I see something unique or interesting in my business or daily life, I take a snapshot on my iPhone camera and tweet it out or save it for a future post. Can you imagine how much longer it would take to shoot a photo on my regular camera, download the pictures to my computer, size them for the web, and upload them to my social network of choice? It wouldn’t happen for weeks!

Do you have other time management tips that are working for you?

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