6 Reasons to Re-Tweet on Twitter


1) Re-Tweeting shows that you read the Twitter stream

*When you’ve bitten off more than you can chew with multiple social media accounts and no plan of managing them, it’s very tempting to log in to Twitter once a day just to post an obligatory tweet. The problem with this approach is that it isn’t social – it’s broadcasting. That’s why Re-Tweeting something someone else posted is a beautiful thing because it requires you to actually read what others are posting. And to others who are looking at your profile or following your tweets – it shows you are interested in what others are tweeting about and not just a self-centered twit.

2) Re-Tweeting shows that you care about helping others

*If you’ve taken the time to read someone’s tweet and then decide to re-tweet it out to your followers, that is a compliment to the person who wrote it. They will be happy that you passed the message along (because it helps expand their reach) and anyone who sees the Re-Tweet will see that you are interested in being a contributing part of the community.

3) Re-Tweeting shows your personality and interests

*When you re-tweet it usually says something about you: maybe that you’re passionate about the topic of the tweet, that you like the person who tweeted it, or that you have something to contribute to the conversation. I like reading re-tweets that have a comment in them about why you’re re-tweeting the tweet. Of course, this also requires that the original tweet is short enough to accommodate both re-tweeting and commenting (110-120 characters is what I recommend).

4) Re-Tweeting is a way to get noticed

*If you’re wanting to get into someone’s good books (maybe they are a major influencer or prospective customer), pay attention to their tweets, and re-tweet the ones you find interesting (especially if you can add a useful or relevant comment). It’s likely you’ll get on to the radar of the tweep, and that they’ll remember you for it. You’ll often notice that when you re-tweet something that the author of the original tweet will either thank you directly, follow you back, or reciprocate next time you tweet something they find interesting. (The key here is that you can re-tweet the tweets of people who you follow that don’t yet follow you back. If you want to encourage them to follow you back this is a good way to do that)

5) Re-Tweeting is a way to acknowledge a Twitter newbie

*We all remember what it was like to be new to Twitter. It’s kind of like walking into an empty room where you were told a bustling networking mixer was taking place. It’s confusing, and lonely at first. If you can be the person to reach out to people who are new – you’ll be remembered. One way to help them is to re-tweet the tweets they have written which, without your help, would be going out to only a handful of people.

6) Re-Tweeting can promote tweets you’re mentioned it

*If someone tweets something positive about your company (or even something that you could improve upon) it is often a good idea to re-tweet it so that your followers are aware of what others are saying about you. This is an indirect (and acceptable) way to promote yourself. Remember that people trust peer recommendations – so if you can re-tweet positive reviews and recommendations – you’ll build trust with followers.

How do you Re-Tweet, and what’s all this lingo?

Learning to understand the jargon on Twitter involves a bit of a learning curve. We’ve all been there. Wondering what’s up with the ‘#’ symbol, or all the ‘RT’ ‘LOL’ ‘IMHO’ lingo? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a lingo lesson. You have options when it comes to Re-Tweeting. That is the subject of another article called How to ReTweet on Twitter. Enjoy!

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