Clever Video Contest by Miracle Whip

Video Contest IdeaOK, to be clear – I am not a fan of Miracle Whip (or regular mayo for that matter) – but I’ve gotta hand it to these guys for a very clever advertising campaign. They are asking people to upload a video that says how Miracle Whip has affected their relationship in a candid “no BS” fashion. You can check out the official YouTube channel here.

What makes this contest stand out is the fact that Miracle Whip doesn’t care if you say “I hate Miracle Whip, it’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tried” because they know that it will be balanced out with your significant other proclaiming how much he/she loves it. It’s brilliant.

So, don’t be afraid of asking people for feedback about your products and services! Some will love you, some won’t, and at the end of the day your brand will be remembered for being bold enough to ask for feedback.

Here are a couple of videos – one official video made by Miracle Whip, and another that’s been submitted by a couple.

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