3 Facebook Success Stories in Victoria, BC

There are certain companies that have caught my attention over the past year because, in my opinion, they’ve gotten online marketing right. They’re not throwing sales pitches at their online community, but rather:

  • Interacting with fans, followers & connections
  • Being transparent and authentic  – allowing us to ‘know, like and trust’ them
  • Showing enthusiasm and a flair for social networking
  • Always providing value (in the form of entertainment, inspiration, education)
  • Giving us a reason to want to pay attention and come back for more


1. Lindsay Rose Holistic Health

Lindsay Rose Holistic Health on FacebookLindsay is a Registered Shiatsu Therapist & Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I love Lindsay’s approach to social networking because when I read her Facebook updates, tweets, or watch her YouTube videos, I feel like I’m having an intimate conversation with her. She often asks thoughtful questions to engage her audience on Facebook, and posts educational videos like how to make an immune boosting tea (where you get to see her in her kitchen chopping ginger).

2. Baja Rosi’s Consignment Cabana

Baja Rosis Facebook

I’ve been a customer of this consignment store for years, and in the last year I’ve also become a fan on Facebook. I’ve been really impressed by how active they’ve been with posting useful, funny, interesting posts that make me want to visit the store more often. I really get a sense of the personality of the owner – and the company culture. I like being able to see what new items have come in, and I can rely on the Facebook page to keep me up to speed so that I don’t miss any cool in-store events.

3. Harbour Air Seaplanes

Harbour Air FacebookI enjoy that the Harbour Air Facebook page has a number of different content contributors. There are staff members and customers uploading photos, and you get a sense of the fun company culture. It makes me want to go down to Harbour Air and book a flight – because I’m sure I’ll have a good time doing it. Every Friday they announce Get Away Fares where you can fly for as low as $29. Also notable is their presence on foursquare where they’ve experimented with ‘Special Offers’. For example, they were giving 30% off a flight when you ‘check in’ for the first time. Harbour Air has proven that they want to connect with their customers, even when that means learning new social media platforms.

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Terri DaviesI’m a down-to-earth, technically savvy, modern marketing inspired designer, educator, and coach. I’ve been working online for nearly 10 years now, and early on realized I had a knack for spotting the remarkable aspects of a person or business bringing that online. I truly love what I do, and I am happiest when I am working with my team, making beautiful things for heart-centred entrepreneurs (especially when I'm doing that from my mobile office in a tropical country).View all posts by Terri Davies →

  1. Sue

    Harbour Air is one of my favorite local companies, because their staff always seem to be having such a good time at work. Of course the beautiful views from their flights don’t hurt either. I’d never seen their Facebook page before, but I’m curious, Terri – how do they get those extra pages with information about their Fleet and Scenic Tours? Do you know?

    • Terri Davies
      Terri Davies03-21-2011

      Susan – I agree! They have really found a way to bring that fun company culture online.

      To answer your question – the extra pages that you see have been created using FBML which is Facebook’s (old) coding language. They are now discontinuing FBML – so, for future, pages will need to build using iFrames. That involves more programming – but is completely doable. It’s basically like a series of mini web pages within your Facebook page. Thanks for the question!

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