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It’s good news and bad news. Facebook has made some major changes to their business pages – again. In today’s day and age, we can’t really be surprised by yet another technological shift – but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that it’s a bit of a pain when Facebook decides to overhaul their platform.

Previous to this change, we’ve designed lots of gorgeous Facebook banners and welcome pages to greet first time Facebook visitors – and now the banners are disappearing completely (well, they are turning into a little square box), and the welcome pages will no longer be the first thing people see when they come to the page. Luckily, you can still direct people to your welcome page after they have first landed on your “Timeline”.

Here’s what the timeline looks like:

Old Spice Facebook Timeline

And now that you can put up posts in a chronological “timeline” you can actually go back in time and add posts, like Old Spice has cleverly done:

Timeline Example

The biggest differences:

  • A large cover photo that can be designed to showcase your business (within the parameters of Facebook’s new terms – for example, you can’t include your web address, or info about a sale you’re having.)
  • Tabs will no longer be featured in the same way, so you must get creative if you have custom pages/tabs to promote
  • If you have a custom landing page, you can no longer send your new Facebook visitors to this page as a default “welcome” page. This is where you need to get clever in pointing people to that page. We have ideas!
  • Your fans can now send you private messages to get in touch, and vice versa
  • You can edit posts, change the date, “pin” them to the top of the timeline, and highlight posts (full-width)

Here’s our page as an example (you can see the custom “tabs” which are clickable, and direct people to custom pages within Facebook that we’ve designed in HTML using different Facebook apps)


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