How to Re-Tweet on Twitter


Re-Tweeting is a powerful tool that should be used by every tweep regularly. What needs to be discussed, however, is how exactly you should go about this.

Tweeting using

Twitter has introduced a “re-tweet” button which makes it easy to re-tweet, but in my opinion there are some major drawbacks to using this function.

Re-Tweet using Twitter


1) With the click of a button you can re-tweet – even if the original tweet has maxed out the 140 character limit.

2) When using and the Twitter app, re-tweets are highlighted with a special re-tweet symbol

Example of Re-Tweeting using


1)     There is no opportunity to add your comment when you re-tweet

2)     People who use other platforms like Hootsuite won’t be able to see the identity of you, the re-tweeter, when checking who re-tweeted their tweet

3)     As of this writing, even the Twitter app for iPhone does not show the identity of the people who re-tweeted your tweet.

Alternatives to Using the Twitter Re-Tweet Button

The other way to re-tweet is to copy and paste the tweet into the tweet window and then you can add the letters “RT” followed by a space and then “@username” to identify whose tweet you are re-tweeting.

You will also see “Via” and “by” used instead of “RT”.


Old-fashioned RT

Programs like Hootsuite make it easy to RT and add comments without you having to copy and paste. You will also see that some people use “via” instead of “RT” – it means the same thing.

Have fun re-tweeting!

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