3 Things Your Audience Wants From Your Business Online

audienceHow valuable are you to your audience?

If I were someone in your target demographic (be that a customer, a prospective customer, a referrer or prospective referrer) what would I gain as a result of “Liking” your business on Facebook, subscribing to your eNewsletter, following you on Twitter or adding you to one of my circles on Google Plus? Here are some of the things that your target audience might be looking for (based on the top 3 things I value about the companies I love to follow):

Answers to Common Questions

This may fall into the realm of customer service. If I need answers, I might post a question and wait for your response. That’s why Jay Baer and Amber Naslund have an entire chapter in The Now Revolution called Answer the New Telephone.

Instead of picking up the telephone or even sending an e-mail, your customers are sending a tweet, posting notes on you Facebook page, or asking for help in community forums. You can’t afford to ignore these calls any more than you can the ones coming in on your phone line. Simply put, your customers and prospects are reaching out, and they’re expecting you to answer.

Proof that your a real person

Proof that you’re actually real, and you understand their problems, desires, and fears better than they do. People are social creatures. We want to feel connected and cared about. That’s why it pays off to use social media to be social – use your conversational voice and let me see your personality through real one-on-one interactions. From Scott Stratten’s book UnMarketing

The problem with the term ‘social media’ is that whenever people see the word ‘media’ they think ‘push’. Media has been classically linked as a way to push your message out through a variety of methods such as television, newspapers, radio, and online.
However, social media isn’t media at all – it is simply a conversation with two or more people. It’s an action. Not a site. Social media isn’t Twitter. Or Facebook. It isn’t the new website flavor of the week. It’s the ability to have conversations online with others, whether it is your market, customers, colleagues, or anyone who happens to come across your conversation.”

Quality Information

I assume that you’re up-to-date on the latest changes in your industry, and that you know far more about your field than I do. If you’re a chiropractor – you might have read an article recently about the link between physical activity and mental health. If you decided to share that information with me either by linking me to the article directly (not ideal if it’s too technical) or summarizing the information on your website or blog, I may read it and would be pleased that I follow you. I would not only be grateful for the information, but be more likely to pay attention to your updates in future and most importantly – begin to see you as a thought leader.

This last point brings up a question that I often get from my clients: “If I am expected to be sharing good information all the time, I obviously need to be feeding myself with good information. Where can I go to get the latest information in my industry?” This is a subject which requires its own post on the topic. Becoming a Thought Leader Online.

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