Top 8 Benefits of Blogging for Business

As you can see, I am a blogger, and I often tell people “there are a gazillion reasons why you would want to blog for your business!” but today I want to be more specific – here of eight of the top reasons why I blog for my business.

1. Builds Trust

When someone is deciding if they want to do business with you/your company – they are making the decision based on several factors. One of them is trust – does your business come across as being trustworthy? If you have a section of your website with recent time stamps (e.g. if you’ve updated your blog recently, and have a solid track-record of consistent posts) that shows that you are reliable, and does a lot towards balancing the (often unconscious) trust equation.

2. Shows Personality

Many times your website is a bit like a dry brochure – it tells people about your company and products/services from a professional standpoint (often in the 3rd person) without much personality or flair. It doesn’t have to be that way, but if that’s the case with your website, the addition of a blog section allows you to break down the wall and show a different side of yourself. Take for example Mandy Farmer of Accent Inns who blogs under ‘Confessions of a CEO‘ on the Accent Inns blog.

3. Establishes Expertise

Sure, you can tell people “we’re the best in town” – but who will believe you unless you prove it? Blogging allows you to give away free information that positions you as an expert. When you put what you know into writing, it has the power to impress people and shows you know what you’re talking about (and has the spin-off benefit of showing you’re interested in helping people). Take for example the Wholefoods blog – when you read this, doesn’t it build confidence that their staff are knowledgeable and helpful?

4. Allows for Bonding

Buying decisions are often based more on emotion than on rational deduction. Are you giving people the feeling of ‘I like this company!’ If you blog in an authentic way, and give people the chance to get to know you/your company culture. Maybe you’ll do this by posting ‘behind the scenes’ insights into the way your business works (for example, the Royal BC Museum)

5. Easy to Update

Many people are still in a position where they need to contact their webmaster in order to make changes to their website – but blogs are typically self-managed. Most blog platforms (we use WordPress for our blog and website) are very easy to use (like writing an email) and you can even add photos and videos to your posts.

6. Great for Search Engine Optimization

In the age of social media, search engines are increasingly interested in delivering recent content – when was the last time you updated your website? Blogs are a great way to keep things fresh. They are also wonderful for building a massive collection of great, relevant content over time. And most importantly – because the information contained in your blog is valuable (and not salesy) people are likely to share your content with others which will create inbound links to your site (a major factor in search engine rankings). Take a look at how Rod Phillips at Liquor Plus in Victoria does this.

7. Allows for Interaction

If people want to chat with you, they no longer need to pick up the phone and call, or email. They can drop a comment on your blog and start a conversation that anyone can join. This is the part that scares a lot of people. ‘What if people write something bad about us?’ The good thing is that most blogs allow for moderation so that you get to approve comments before they go live. However, if you want to be truly transparent – you may choose to publish the critical comments (not the spammy or unproductively rude ones) and then respond to them publicly in a polite and professional manner. This has the benefit of showing that you are not afraid of criticism, and have admirable customer service skills.

8. Saves Time

Do you find yourself answering the same questions over and over in your business? Why not write a blog post about it? The next time someone asks you the question, you’ll be able to say – ‘you know, I just wrote a great blog post all about that – would you like me to send you the link?’ Chances are your blog post will answer their question even more thoroughly than a verbal or emailed response.

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  1. Archie

    Hi Terri & Congratulations! Yes, I’ve been on a blogging quest myself and have really begun to see the potential that exists for it as a cost effective marketing medium. Any business that isn’t participating needs to take a closer look and make sure they aren’t missing out on an opportunity.

    • Terri Davies
      Terri Davies08-09-2011

      Thanks Archie! It’s so great to hear from you, and I am really pleased to hear that you’ve been embracing blogging. I know that you’ve already been experimenting with video blogging which is ahead of the curve for sure. Maybe one of these days I can come down and interview you as part of my Sociability Small Business Interview Series. It’s an opportunity for small business owners to talk about how they are using social media and online marketing to benefit their businesses. Let me know if you’d be interested!

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