Professional Online Video

Online Video Production
First, let’s look at the reasons why you would want to have a professional video on the homepage of your website:

  • Introduces your company to prospective customers in a concise and engaging way
  • Shows personality and builds trust before they’ve even met you
  • Provides a movie trailer “teaser” about your products/services that leaves them wanting more


And, in a world where YouTube is now the second largest search engine, (and gets over 2 billion views per day) its obvious that having your video hosted in YouTube can have an inbound marketing effect (attracting prospective customers who otherwise would never have stumbled across you). Not to mention that YouTube was bought by Google (from the 3 PayPal employees who started it) in 2006 and has been integrated into Google Search in a prominent way. What this means to you is that your video, if optimized properly, may very well begin to rank not only in YouTube searches, but Google searches as well.

Case Study: Not Just Pretty

In this video we wanted to capture the beautiful products, the atmosphere of the store, the enthusiasm and friendliness of the staff, and the customers enjoying themselves in the store. This video is intended to be placed on the home page of their website so that everyone who comes there will hopefully form a positive first impression of Not Just Pretty. We also wanted the video to be visible in the search engines, and as you can see that is already happening less than 24 hours post-launch.

Search Engine Ranking

SEO Video

YouTube Channel Customization

For Not Just Pretty we also created a custom YouTube Channel based on the look of her website.
Custom YouTube Channel

Not Just Pretty YouTube Promotional Video

Client Feedback:

“Wow! This is fantastic! I love it!
You must be very happy with how it came together – it looks very professional, but friendly and interesting – a nice variety of things to look at and listen to, and lots going on.

Thanks so much for this!”

Pam Skelton, Owner, Not Just Pretty


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