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Website Design Studio

Hiring a web designer doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, it should be a smooth and exciting process that leaves you feeling empowered and well supported. However, we’ve talked with enough small business owners over the years to tell you that the general perception of web developers is ‘hard to communicate with,’ ‘take forever to get back to me,’ and ‘waste of money’.

That’s a sad situation! And a few years ago we decided to do something about it. We created a web design studio with a team of highly skilled web developers and designers partnered with brilliant marketers who truly understand the needs of small business owners, and the fundamentals of modern marketing.

Some of our clients come to us just as they are getting started with creating an online presence for their small business, but many more come to us because they’ve realized they need help with their current website (adding a call to action, adding an email sign up box, creating a more effective homepage, upgrading to WordPress so they can update their website themselves etc.).

Modern Marketing Courses


As internet usage skyrockets worldwide, small business owners like you are realizing there is an opportunity to engage with prospective customers through the web. The challenge is knowing how to do this without wasting time and money, or becoming glued to your computer 24/7.

In response to a huge demand for our modern marketing courses, we’ve created an online training hub for small business and non-profits looking to create a remarkable online presence. Sociability School takes students through the fundamentals of modern marketing with video tutorials, practical exercises, and the option of customized one-on-one support.

Modern Marketing Coaching


One of our most popular services is one on one coaching. It’s true that we offer excellent online learning through video-based courses, but nothing is quite the same as having live support. It’s an excellent way to make massive progress in your modern marketing endeavours, in a relatively short period of time.

These sessions are typically conducted via Skype (unless you are located in Victoria, BC). On the following page you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about our packages, as well as to book online.

Sociability is a small business marketing, social media company with a focus on mobile web design and WordPress website design in Victoria, BC. We are also a social media consultancy with social media experts that are knowledgeable in Facebook for business marketing, Twitter for small business, and Linkedin for business. We have a team of website developers specializing in WordPress website design and responsive website design. If you’re looking to use WordPress as a website in your business, or integrate social media and modern marketing into your online presence, Terri Davies and her team at Sociability will take excellent care of you. We also provide social media courses for small business and non profits.